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Aya Kimura,

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My research and teaching interests focus on the intersection of technoscience and gender particularly in the fields of food and environmental issues in Asia. My dissertation examined how nutritional science can structure the meanings of, and prescriptions for, the world food problem. I spent one year conducting field research in Indonesia for this project. Other topics I have researched include the politics of genetically modified organisms particularly in developing nations, and local food movements in Japan. I have also been working more recently on issues of participation and democracy in food governance.

Before getting a Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006, I received my MA in Environmental Studies from Yale University in 2001. It is from my concern with environmental and sustainability issues that I developed my interests in food and its relationship to gender. I see food as an excellent entry point to larger ecological, social, cultural, and economic issue. My work is really to use food as a lens through which we can better understand power relations in society.


I have taught courses such as "Women and Social Policy," "Women and Health," "Feminist methodologies," "Science and Technology in the Modern World," and "Environment, Natural Resources and Society."


Women, Health and Development; Sociology of Nutrition, Body, and Food; Technoscience and sustainability; Agrofood Systems; East and Southeast Asian Societies.


Title: Food education as food literacy: privatized and gendered food knowledge in contemporary Japan (2011)
Publication Information: Agriculture and Human Values

Title: “Standards as hybrid forum: comparison of the Post-Fukshima radiation standards by a consumer cooperative, the private sector, and the Japanese government,” International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 20 (1) 11-29, 2013. (2013)
Publication Information:

Title: Farming after the Fukushima accident: A feminist political ecology analysis of organic agriculture, Journal of Rural Studies (PDF) (2014)
Co Authors: Yohei Katano
Publication Information:

Title: Hidden Hunger: Science, Gender, and Politics of Smart Food (2013)
Publication Information: Cornell University Press

Title: Between technocracy and democracy: an experimental approach to certification of food products by a Japanese consumer cooperative women (2010)
Publication Information: Journal of Rural Studies 26 (2010): 130–140

Title: “Who defines the 'needs' of babies?: scientization of baby food in Indonesia (2008)
Publication Information: Social Politics 15 (2) 232-260

Title: The chisan-chisho movement: Japanese local food movement and its challenges (2008)
Co Authors: Mima Nishiyama
Publication Information: Agriculture and Human Values 25 (1) 49-64

Title: The alternative agrofood movement in contemporary Japan (2005)
Co Authors: Mima Nishiyama
Publication Information: The Chiba University Technical Bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture

Title: The ‘gene revolution” in global perspective: a reconsideration of the global adoption and diffusion of GM crop varieties 1996- 2002 (2003)
Co Authors: Frederick H. Buttel
Publication Information: Program on Agricultural Technology Studies Staff Paper Series, No. 9

Title: Family planning evolution in RI: book review of ‘People, Population, and Policy in Indonesia' (2005)
Publication Information: The Jakarta Post, February 20, 2005.

Title: “Feminist heuristics: transforming the foundation of food quality and safety assurance systems,” Journal of Rural Sociology, forthcoming. (2012)
Publication Information:

Honors / Awards:

National Science Foundation Award (Food Safety Assurance Systems and Nuclear Disaster Preparedness) (2014)


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