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Course Syllabi:


Title: Reiterated Commemoration: Hiroshima as National Trauma (PDF) (2006)
Publication Information: Sociological Theory 24 (4): 353-376

Title: Competing Logics of Commemoration: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism in East Asia’s History Problem (PDF) (2014)
Co Authors: Yoko Wang
Publication Information: Sociological Perspectives 57(2): 167-85

Title: Historians as Rooted Cosmopolitans: Their Potentials and Limitations (2014)
Publication Information: Global Networks (forthcoming)

Title: From Collective Memory to Commemoration (2010)
Publication Information: Pp. 619-628 in The Handbook of Cultural Sociology, edited by J. R. Hall, L. Grindstaff, & M.-C. Lo. New York: Routledge

Title: Actor-Network Theory of Cosmopolitan Education (PDF) (2010)
Publication Information: The Journal of Curriculum Studies 42 (3): 333-351

Title: East Asia and Cosmopolitan Memory (2014)
Publication Information: Routledge Handbook of Memory and Reconciliation in East Asia, edited by Mikyoung Kim. London: Routledge

Title: Cosmopolitics: Toward a New Articulation of Politics, Science, and Critique (2014)
Publication Information: British Journal of Sociology (forthcoming)

Title: An Actor-Network Theory of Cosmopolitanism (PDF) (2011)
Publication Information: Sociological Theory 29 (2): 124-49

Title: Cosmopolitan Nation-Building: The Institutional Contradiction and Politics of Postwar Japanese Education (PDF) (2011)
Publication Information: Social Science Japan Journal 14 (2): 125-44

Title: Cosmopolitanism as Cultural Capital: Exploring the Intersection of Globalization, Education, and Stratification (PDF) (2014)
Co Authors: Hiroki Igarashi (equal authorship)
Publication Information: Cultural Sociology (forthcoming)

Honors / Awards:

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University (2013)

Certificate of Teaching Excellence (2014)
Description: Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education, Harvard University

Best Graduate Student Paper Award, Culture Section, American Sociological Association (2007)

Best Graduate Student Paper Award, Political Sociology Section, American Sociological Association (2007)

Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor Award, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan (2009)

Phi Kappa Phi, University of Michigan (2009)

Social Science Research Council-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (2011)

Member, Mansfield Foundation Next Generation Japan Leadership Network (2013)


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