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Albert Robillard, PhD University of California - Los Angeles
Office Location: Saunders 241A
Phone Number: 956-7130
Fax Number: 956-3707


Right out of UCLA, I was employed at the Michigan State University College of Medicine, Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry. I was assistant and associate professor of pediatrics. I became director of the primary care residence in medicine and pediatrics. I started social science faculty going on daily teaching rounds. I came to UH on sabbatical leave. I joined the UH Department of Psychiatry and became involved in the mental health training programs in Micronesia. I had been teaching sociology courses in sociology since my arrival in Hawaii and would later join the Department of Sociology and the Social Science Research Institute. I would spend a year as a Fulbright Research Professor at Ateneo de Manila University. As I became physically disabled, I turned my academic and teaching interests to disability. I was invited by the Japan ALS Association to tour Japan, giving talks and lectures, visiting patients in their homes and consulting with Japanese neurologists.


SOC 615: Sociology of Health and Health Services SOC 711: Sociology of Knowledge: A Sociology of Science SOC 716: Seminar in Medical Sociology SOC 721: Social Change in the Pacific Islands SOC 741: Seminar in Social Structure and the Individual

Course Syllabi:

    Spring 2012SOC 615 - Sociology of Health and Health Services View Syllabus
    Fall 2011SOC 741 - Social Structure and The Individual View Syllabus
    Spring 2011SOC 615 (1) - Sociology of Health and Health Services View Syllabus
    Fall 2010SOC 741 - The Individual and Social Structure View Syllabus
    Fall 2009SOC 741 - Social Structure & the Individual View Syllabus


I am interested in accountable action and talk in situated behavior. I have studied this in development programs for the Pacific Islands, mental health care facilities, in the development of community-based health care services in the Philippines, and in the everyday work of scientists.


Ethnomethodology, Postmodern Social Theory, Disability Studies, Development in Island Southeast Asia, Micronesia, Science Studies


Title: "Paralysis" (2005)
ISBN: 0761925651
Publication Information: Encyclopedia of Disability, edited by Gary Albrecht. Sage.

Title: Meaning of a Disability: The Lived Experience of Paralysis (1999)
ISBN: 156639676X
Publication Information: Philadelphia, Temple Univeristy Press.


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