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Anthony Marsella, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1968
Office Location: Sakamaki C400
Phone Number: 956-8414
Fax Number: 956-4700
Personal Webpage: none


1958-1962: B.A., Psychology, Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio (Honors in Psychology)

1964-1968: Ph.D., Psychology, The PennsylvaniaState University, University Park, Pennsylvania

1966-1967: Clinical Psychology Internship Certificate Worcester State Hospital, Worcester, Mass.

1967-1968: Fulbright Research Scholar, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines

1968-1969: Post Doctoral Research Scholar NIMH Culture-Mental Health Program, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

1977-Present: License, Practice of Psychology, State of Hawaii

1999: Honorary Doctorate Degree: Doctoris Honoris Causas Psychologiae, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2001: Training Certificate, Humanitarian Assistance, Pacific Command, Hawaii.

2001: Training Certificate, Terrorism Management, DMHA Program, Hawaii

2002: Training Certificate, Violence in Asia/Pacific, A/P Ctr. Sec. Studies, Hawaii


University Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level:

Introductory Psychology Personality Theory and Research Abnormal Psychology Introduction to Community Psychology

Graduate Level Courses and Special Seminars:

Personality Theory and Research Introduction to Clinical Psychology Introduction to Community Psychology Clinical Psychopathology Culture and Psychopathology, Cultural Psychology Native Hawaiian Culture and Behavior Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Meeting the Challenges of a Global Era Terrorism: Issues, Response, and Recovery



Ph.D. Degree (Major Supervisor)

1. Gary Beck - 1974 - Social Psychology – Models of Madness: A Study of Beliefs about Deviant Behavior Research Psychologist, Child Mental Health Division, Department of Health Honolulu, Hawai`i

2. Walter Quijano - 1975 - Clinical Psychology The Effects of Behavioral Success and Verbal Feedback on Perceived Locus of Control Private Practice Conroe, Texas

3. Charles Golden - 1975 - Clinical Psychology The Stroop Color Word Test and Neuropsychological Damage Professor, Department of Psychology, Nova University Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Developer of Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery)

4. San Chin Choi - 1975 - Social Psychology A Model for Predicting Behavioral Intentions Professor and Past Vice President, Department of Psychology, Chung Ang University Seoul, Korea

5. Narongsak Chunnual - 1976 - Social Psychology The Psychosocial Adaptation of International Students in an American University Professor, Department of Psychology, Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai, Thailand

6. Hwang Kwang Kuo - 1976 - Social Psychology Social Stress and Psychological Adaptation in Taiwan Professor, Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan

7. Sheila Forman - 1976 - Social Psychology The Effects of Industrial Withdrawal on Planning Behavior in a Plantation Community Deputy Administrator, Office of Children and Youth, Governor’s Office, State of Hawai`i, Honolulu, Hawai`I (Now Retired)

8. Lee Hoon Koo - 1977 - Social Psychology Social Change and Psychological Adjustment in Korea Professor, Department of Psychology, Yonsei University Seoul, Korea

9. Junko Tanaka-Matsumi - 1978 - Clinical Psychology Role Playing and Affect Professor, Department of Psychology, Gakshuin University Tokyo, Japan

10. Pamela Burkhalter-Patrick - 1978 - Clinical Psychology Attribution Theory in Medical Diseases Private Practice Ormond Beach, Florida

11. Ellen Costello - 1978 - Clinical Psychology Differentiation of Various Subgroups of the Obese Population Brown University Providence, Rhode Island

12. Howard Higginbotham - 1979 - Clinical Psychology Delivery of Mental Health Services in Developing Asian Nations Professor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Newcastle University, Newcastle, Australia

13. Velma Kameoka - 1979 - Human Variability The Structure of Trait and State Measures of Depression: A Factor Analytic Study Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Hawai`i, Honolulu, Hawai`i

14. Evelyn Yanagida - 1979 - Clinical Psychology An Examination of Variables Mediating Adaptive Responses in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients Director, Psychological Services, Kapiolani Maternal and Child Hospital Honolulu, Hawai`i 15. Mark Troy - 1982 - Human Variability The Role of Imagery in Relational Learning Director, Program Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment Texas A & M University Texas

16. Sharon Murakami - 1983 - Human Variability Ethno-cultural Variations in Quality of Life Among Senior Citizens Private Practice Norfolk, Virginia

17. Joseph Czekela - 1983 - Clinical Psychology The Relationship of Mood and Ethnicity to Cognitive Priming Private Practice Miller Place, New York

18. John Knox - 1983 - Human Variability Social Impact Assessments: Theory, Research, and Applications in Psychology Psychology Consultant and Project Director, SSRI, University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawai`i

19. Lawrence Sine - 1983 - Clinical Psychology The Relationship of Mercury to Cognitive, Affective, and Perceptual Motor Functioning in Normal Samples in Hawaii Private Practice Honolulu, Hawai`i

20. Ellen Carringer - 1985 - Developmental Psychology Sensory and Cognitive Functioning Profiles: An Ethnocultural and Developmental Study Private Practice Kahalui, Maui, Hawai`i

21. Naomi Takemoto-Chock - 1985 - Clinical Psychology Ethnocultural Variation in Psychiatric Symptomatology in Hawaii Private Practice, Hilo, Hawai`i

22. Toshiaki Takahashi - 1986 - Personality Psychology Society, Personality, and Adjustment: A Cross-Cultural Study of Youth in Japan and Hawai`i Director Juku Educational Resources Honolulu, Hawai`i

23. Pamela Hays - 1986 - Clinical Psychology Modernization, Stress, and Psychological Adjustment Among Tunisian Women Psychologist, Central Peninsula Counseling Center, Kenai, Alaska Adjunct Professor, Antioch University, Seattle, Washington and University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

24. Robert Anderson, Jr. - 1986 - Clinical Psychology Demographic and Personality Correlates of the Perception of Symptom Severity Professor Argosy School of Professional Psychology Honolulu, Hawai`i

25. Sandra Paulsen - 1986 - Clinical Psychology The Evaluation of Alcohol Services Private Practice Minneapolis, Minnesota

26. Carol Serota - 1986 - Public Health (DeFacto) Demographic and Clinical Correlates of the Perception of Causality in Psychotic Patients. Director of Nursing, Medical Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Retired)

27. Beth Kalal - 1989 - Clinical Psychology Clinical, Demographic, and Psychosocial Predictors of First Year Outcome of First Episode Psychotic Patients Private Practice San Diego, California

28. Satoko Takahashi - (1992) - Personality Psychology A Comparative Psychosocial Study of Contemporary Japanese and American Women Associate Director Toda Institute for Peace and Policy Planning Honolulu, Hawai`i

29. Alice Scheuer - (1992) - Clinical Psychology A Reconceptualization of Paranoia. Lifelong Learning Program Faculty University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawai`i

30. Jeffrey Nathan (1996) - Clinical Psychology The Concept of Personality and Personality Disorders in Japan Private Practice Honolulu, Hawai`i

31. Maria Chun (1996) - Community Psychology Multicultural Education in Hawaii Public Schools Vice Chair, Administration and Finance Department of Surgery John A. Burns School of Medicine University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

32 Nuria Ciafalo (1996) - Social Psychology Perceptions of Quality of Life: A Community Action Research Study Senior Evaluation Officer The California Foundation Los Angeles, California

33. Yati Bambang Utoyo-Lubis (1998) - Developmental Psychology A Psychosocial Study of Contemporary Elite Indonesian Women Dean, Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

34. Ann Marie Horvath (1998) - Clinical Psychology Demographic and Clinical Aspects Adaptation of the Severe Mentally Ill Assistant Professor School of Social Work University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

35 Aaron Kaplan (1999) - Clinical Psychology Mental Disorders in Rural Nepal: Western and Indigenous Perspectives Clinical Psychologist Waikiki Mental Health Center Honolulu, Hawai’i

36. Tamara Echter (2000) – Social Psychology A Cross-Cultural Study of Human Values and Beliefs Director, International Students Office University of California San Francisco, California 37. Denise LaJoie (2000) - Social Psychology The Belief-Doubt Dialectic: Explorations in Personal Growth and Change. Private Practice Naples, Florida

38. Jung Sik Kim (2000) – Social Psychology Social Change and Psychosocial Adjustment in Korean Men Assistant Professor Western Washington State University Bellingham, Washington

39. Benno Kronable (December 2000) – Social Psychology The Personal Ecology of Drinking Behavior in College Students Staff Psychologist State Department of Education Honolulu, Hawaii (Now Psychologist in Germany)

40. Fred Manke (December 2000) - Clinical Psychology Long-term Health and Wellbeing of Japanese-American Soldiers in World War II. Psychologist Veterans Administration Hilo, Hawaii

41. Juan Rapadas (2001) - Clinical Psychology Juvenile Delinquency in Guam: 1950-2000 Staff Psychologist, Courts and Corrections, Guam, US Trust Terriitories

42. Edward Suarez (2002) - Clinical Psychology Prediction of Long-Term Course and Outcome of Psychotic Patients Psychiatric Rehabilitation/Vocational Services Coordinator Department of Health (DOH) Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) State of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii

43. Heather Morse (2002) – Clinical Psychology Symptomatology, Schneiderian Signs, and Schizophrenia: A Fifteen Year Follow-up Family Education Consultant and Psychologist May Institute Boston, Massachusetts

44. Susannah Helm (2002) - Community and Cultural Psychology The Ecology of High School Failure: A Case Study of an Inner City School Assistant Professor & Research Psychologist Department of Psychiatry University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii

45. Erin Ring (2002) - Developmental Psycholy Exploration of Developmental and Psychosocial Adjustment of Asylum-Seeking Refugee Children in Sweden Director, Educational Services Bridges Educational Corporation 5694 Mission Center Road Suite 602, PMB 341 San Diego, CA 92108

46. Noel Jordan (2003) - Clinical Psychology The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns: A Study of Meaning and Meaninglessness In Career Transition

47. Barbara Digman (2003) - Clinical Psychology Hear their voices: First-Episode Patient Accounts of Their Illness Staff Psychologist Senior Connections Olympia, Washington

48. Chuan Chang (2004) - Social Psychology Temperament in Chinese Youth Research Associate, College of Education University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii

49. Ayda Aukahi Austin (2004) - Clinical Psychology Substance abuse in Native Hawaiians Chief Psychologist Mental Health Division State of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii

50. Jennifer Matsukawa (2005) - Clinical Psychology Depressive disorders in three generations of Japanese-American women Post Doctoral Fellow Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii

Masters Degree (Major Supervisor)

1. Marion Warson - 1971 - Clinical Psychology Maintaining Classroom Control Using Group and Individual Reinforcement

2. Walter Quijano - 1974 - Clinical Psychology Hypnotic Susceptibility and Related Variables in Filipino and Caucasian-Americans

3. Howard Higginbotham - 1973 - Social Psychology Sensory and Perceptual Response Patterns to Japanese Architectural Styles

4. Jerry Brennan - 1973 - Social Psychology Personality Types of Liberal Studies Program Students

5. Charles Golden - 1973 - Social Psychology Personality and Cognitive Correlates of the Stroop Color and Word Test

6. Janet Sall - 1974 - Social Psychology Ethnic Variations in the Connotative Meaning of Fertility Regulating Methods

7. Patricia MacDonald - 1974 - Social Psychology The Psychosocial Interior of Five Japanese Families

8. Velma Kameoka - 1975 - Social Psychology Social Change and Adaptation in a Plantation Community

9. Ellen Costello - 1975 - Clinical Psychology Sex Bias in Job Advertising

10. Pamela Burkhalter - 1976 - Clinical Psychology Ethnocultural Variations in Postoperative Patient Pain

11. Lanette Shizuru - 1976 - Clinical Psychology Ethnocultural Variations in Sensory Patterns

12. Evelyn H. Yanagida - 1976 - Clinical Psychology Generational and Age Differences in Self Concept and its Relation to Depression in Japanese-American Women

13. John Knox - 1977 - Social Psychology The Alternative Meanings of Correlation Coefficients

14. Joy Reymond - 1978 - Clinical Psychology The Semantics of Emotional Terms in New Guinea

Masters Degree (Major Supervisor) (Continued)

15. Lorraine Duffy - 1979 - Human Variability Ethnic Identity and Related Variables in Mixed Marriage Offspring of Japanese and Caucasian Ancestry

16. Sanchia Foiles - 1979 - Human Variability Autonomic Nervous System Correlates of Self-Reports of Depression

17. Karen Snyder - 1980 - Clinical Psychology The Relationship of Adolescent Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior to Family, Peer, Academic, and Self Variables and Anxiety

18. John Buckner - 1981 - Clinical Psychology An Evaluation of "Stay Straight" at Hawaii State Prison

19. Leilani Oana - 1981 - Clinical Psychology Assessing Ethnic Identity in Japanese-Americans

20. Dawn Pang - 1982 - Clinical Psychology Body Image and Affective Traits and States

21. Beth Kalal - 1982 - Clinical Psychology Changes in Patient Population Characteristics at Hawaii State Hospital: 1940-1980

22. Sandra Paulsen - 1983 - Clinical Psychology Gender Differences in Cerebral Organization Following Unilateral Brain Damage

23. Yati Bambang Utoyo-Lubis - 1984 - Human Variability Psychosocial Correlates of Adjustment in Indonesian Migrants

24. Sean McCann - 1986 - Clinical Psychology Demographic and Personality Correlates of Psychosis Proneness

25. Alice Scheuer - 1987 - Clinical Psychology Coping and Psychosis Proneness

26. Juan Rapadas (1994) - Clinical Psychology A Psychosocial Study of Guamanian Youth

27. Mary Perrien (1994) - Clinical Psychology Clinical and Demographic Correlates of Perceptions and Experiences Traumatic and Near-Traumatic Events

28. Aaron Kaplan (1994) - Clinical Psychology Nepalese Concepts of Mental Illness: An Ethnosemantic Study

29. Ann Marie Horvath (1995) - Clinical Psychology The Measurement of Ethnic Identity

31. Mary Beth Leisen (1995) - Clinical Psychology Psychosocial and school adjustment of adolescents in Hawaii

32. Matthew Tsushima (1996) - Clinical Psychology The relationship between ethnic identity and MMPI profiles among Japanese-Americans in Hawaii.

33. Frederic Manke (1996) - Clinical Psychology Demographic and clinical correlates of perfectionism

Masters Degree Supervisor ( Continued)

34. Noel Jordan (1996) - Clinical Psychology Demographic and clinical correlates of sleep disorders

35. Bonnie Ho (1997) - Clinical Psychology Cross-validation of measures of depressive experience and disorder: An ethnocultural comparison.

36. Edward Suarez (1997) - Clinical Psychology The prediction of psychiatric diagnosis and outcome from self-reports of childhood behaviors in first episode psychotic patients in Hawaii.

37. Darryl Chan (1997) - Clinical Psychology The reliability of childhood sexual experience memories

38. Heather Morse (1998) - Clinical Psychology Symptomatology and disability profiles of first-episode psychotic patients in Hawaii.

39. David McCulloch (1998) – Community Psychology Personal value priorities in a rural Fijian village population

40. Winter Hamada (2002) - Clinical Psychology Complementary and Alternative Medicine Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in Hawaii

41. Jennifer Matsukawa (2001) – Clinical Psychology Generational Variations in Depression Among Japanese-American Women. 42. Ayda Austin (2001) – Clinical Psychology Substance Abuse and Violence in Native Hawaiians,

43. Carrie Talesfore (2001- Summer) – Clinical Psychology The Sociolinguistic Mediation of Eating Disorders: A Study of Bilingual Chinese Females

45 Larry Brooks (2002) – Clinical Psychology Gender and Ethnic Variations in Symptomatology Changes among First Episode Psychotic Patients: A 15 Year Follow-Up

46. Stephen Fox (2004) - Cultural and Community Psychology Psychosocial Adjustment in Vietnamese immigrants


1. Cultural and International Psychology and Psychopathology

2. Global Challenges, Peace, and Social Justice


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