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Lorey Takahashi, PhD, Rutgers University
Office Location: Biomed T701B
Phone Number: 956-3898
Fax Number: 956-7073


Undergraduate Chair of Psychology and Director, Psychology Honors Program


Dr. Takahashi is investigating the neurobiology of emotional behavior and its pathophysiological basis. A major focus of his Psychobiology Laboratory is to identify and characterize the neurotropic roles played by brain corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) systems, especially in relation to emotional memory and anxiety behavior. Current studies are examining the functions of CRF receptor subtypes using multidisciplinary approaches. In addition, the research is determining how CRF systems, which are regulated by stress, are modulated by other neuropeptides. Students with neuroscience research experiences are encouraged to apply to work with Dr. Takahashi. Concentration Areas: Behavioral Neuroscience.


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