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Leon James, PhD, Psychology, McGill University (1962)
Office Location: online office 808-295-2702
Phone Number: 808-295-2702
Fax Number: 808-261-2382
Personal Webpage:


Dr. James is interested in working with graduate students who are interested in studying the social-educational dynamics of Quality Driving Circles (small groups of drivers meeting regularly as a continuous program of lifelong driver self-improvement).


Dr. Leon James areas of interest include driving psychology, information literacy, discourse analysis, substantive dualism, and theistic psychology. His recent work includes (a) developing taxonomic inventories of driver behaviors in the affective, cognitive, and sensorimotor domains, and suitable for driver assessment and driver education (b) Cyberpsychology, Social Networking, and Online Literacy (c) Investigating the theistic psychology of Emanuel Swedenborg (1668-1771) and relating it to contemporary behavioral psychology (d) Marriage and Relationship with a focus on the popular media and couple's dialog. Examples of recent Web publications include (a) Road Rage: Emotional Intelligence for Drivers; (b) Creating an Online Learning Environment that Fosters Information Literacy, Autonomous Learning and Leadership: The Hawai‘i Online Generational Community-Classroom; (c) Overcoming Objections to Swedenborg's Writings Through the Development of Scientific Dualism. (d) Theistic Psychology. Dr. James does occasional reviews for Second Language Learning, Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, and the International Journal of Psycholinguistics. Dr. James maintains two World Wide Web sites where he publishes study materials and research reports for scholars, students, safety officials, driving school instructors, and government agencies relating to transportation and traffic safety and education.


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