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Kristin Pauker, Ph.D., Social Psychology, Tufts University (2009)
Office Location: Sakamaki D401
Phone Number: (808) 956-8107
Personal Webpage:


Undergraduate: PSY 100: Survey of Psychology, PSY 459W: Children's Understanding of Race Graduate: PSY 650: Social Psychology Foundations, PSY 751: Seminar in Stereotyping and Prejudice


Intergroup relations; Lay theories about race; Ambiguity in social perception and behavior; Social development of stereotyping, prejudice, & discrimination. My research, funded by a R00 Pathway to Independence Award from NICHD and a NSF grant, examines the malleability of person perception across context and time, and the effects of such malleability on intergroup cognition and behavior. Particularly, I study how the racial categorization process, both in its development in early childhood and in its application once fully formed, is influenced by culture, motivation and situational cues. My research interests can be divided into two main lines of inquiry: I. Racial Ambiguity, and II. Development of race-related knowledge. More information regarding my research interests and publications can be found on my webpage.

Honors / Awards:

Dissertation Award (2010)
Description: Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (APA Division 9)

K99 Pathway to Independence Award (2010)
Description: NIH-NICHD grant for postdoctoral training

R00 Pathway to Independence Award (2012)
Description: NIH-NICHD grant, "Development of Interracial Anxiety: Children's Lay Theories and Nonverbal Influences." PI: K. Pauker.

NSF Research Grant (2012)
Description: "Exposure to Biracial Americans and Changes in Essentialist Beliefs." PI: D. Sanchez, Co-PI: K. Pauker.


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